This proposed Community Civic Campus project, will be located at the northeast corner of El Camino Real and Chestnut Avenue at the taxpayers cost of $210M The Police Station is planned for where the Pet Club is today.

This is NOT funded, over budget, and is being scaled back.

City officials are now realizing Colma Creek and BART beneath just might pose design problems. Who is running our City??????

This is today’s outreach regarding the next phase moving forward. This project was to cost $210M using Measure W funds which were NOT voted on for this use! Bait n Switch!!!!

Community Civic Campus Update
City staff and our campus architects are conducting two meetings to review the Police element of the campus project. Please note, the content for both meetings are the same, so you may only want to attend one based on your availability. 

The Design Review Board and Planning Commission will review the Police Facility design in advance of the main campus to support our Phase I target construction schedule of January 2020.  

Next week meetings are:

Design Review Board, Tuesday, April 16th at 4:00 p.m. at the City Hall Annex Conference Room located at 315 Maple Ave.

Planning Commission, Thursday, April 18th at 7:00 p.m. at the City Council Chambers, Municipal Services Building at 33 Arroyo Drive.

Please know that the discussion for next week meetings are limited
to the architecture and landscaping of the Police Facility. The Police Facility is a public safety building and much of the exterior design is guided by the necessary functions of operations of Police.  

Next Steps for the Main Community Civic Campus Project:
Architecture meetings related to the main Community Civic Campus
project, which includes the joint Library and Parks & Recreation building, the Community Theater/City Council Chambers, and the park are
tentatively planned for the month of May

Dates and venues will be announced soon.

The main campus design will include several meetings including the
Parks and Recreation Commission, Library Commission, Planning
Commission and Design Review Board.

These meetings will serve as public meetings for our community
members to weigh in on the exterior design and park design.  

For more information about the project, please visit

For questions, feel free to contact us at, or (650) 829-6603.  


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  1. MINA RICHARDSON May 2, 2019 at 7:24 pm - Reply

    For now, the fire station is on hold because of money issues. It would cost $10M they do not have. They have floated the idea of selling the Municipal Svce Bldg. to pay for the fire station presently next to the police station, which, btw was recently remodeled. Foolish wasteful spending from our experienced city council. According to Marian Lee the Asst. City Mgr. the proposed fire station is on hold but is being included in new drawings. This makes no sense, but for now it is ‘years down the road from being built’. Maybe they hope we forget about it. It is yet another tactic they use to get the rowdies to calm down, by the Svengali city manager. I’ve witnessed Mayor Matsumoto use this sneaky way around the pesky citizenry.

    We saw the City Mgr. at work that night of the PUC protest that promised the community a smaller PUC building. It was pure theater that halted the meeting as they went into closed session. It was scripted by the CM. We are being manipulated people. We are part of a script.

    I advise anyone to attend the Measure W advisory committee meeting on even months the first Wed. @ 6:30pm at the conference room at 400 Grand Ave. I usually attend as they are informative.

    The civic campus after fees,and interest will be a whopping $ 340M of General Revenue Bonds which will be issued near project start 1/2020..
    It will take more than 30 years to collect the 210M+ interest that the (1/2c sales tax) Measure W projected to collect. They spent it in less than 5 years. We don’t know what we are getting except the massive cost, and pricey blunders. We do not know how the difference between the actual costs will be paid. Most of us will probably be dead.

    Back to the fire station, they said they budgeted for a fund raiser, but is being kept quiet. I asked a few times, but transparency is an issue for SSF. They look to raise 10M but they plan to sell the MSB to raise some of the money and hope the developer will give them the rest which they plan to build MORE HOUSING!!. They are not telling us yet.

    We have 5 fire stations in SSF that are hardly utilized for fires ( about 10 calls a year) and for the size of our city of 67 K residents adequate.The Fire Dept. consumes 55% of the city budget. Compare that with City of San Mateo of 100K resident with 6 fire houses AND they recently signed a Joint Powers Agreement with Foster City and Belmont cutting their budgets$ 1-2 M. Yet SSF wants to ad more fire houses. INSANE and poor planning.

    I campaigned and was against Measure W when it first came out because we the public thought we were voting for one thing, and they planned something else and didn’t reveal the “Civic Campus” until Sept 2018. Lack of transparency erodes public confidence in government. It is abuse of the public trust. They think we don’t care and are too stupid to know better.

    The scheme they used was the wording on the ballot. A capital project requires a 2/3 majority passage–which it did not get. It was short by a few votes. Somehow, It qualified for simple majority pass and the funds would be held in the General Fund, vs. by law, a dedicated use of only the intended purpose of capital projects required and more transparent. It was the new city manager trying to impress the council. If you heard the city crow about an overwhelming passage, of Measure W, it was not. It was an off year election when hardly anyone voted. It happened to be the last uneven off year election guaranteeing passage. Now we have even years election to ensure more voter participation.

    This story is not finished. Be watchful of the next news on this city project.

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