South City’s Future Plans: El Camino Real and surrounding neighborhoods are in for huge changes.

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The tallest green buildings indicated future development, and make the proposed PUC 8 stories dwarf in comparison – is that on your block?
In 2011 the City updated the land use zoning to increase heights on the El Camino Real up to 180 feet (18 stories).
When will you get involved?

City offices are hosting non-stop meetings in every neighborhood, in addition to regularly scheduled official meetings (Planning, Council, Park and Rec, Parking Commission, etc), plus additional meetings regarding the Civic Campus, GP2040, and the PUC development, with the said purpose of gathering community input for the 2040 General Plan.

However, it is interesting to note that the direction of South San Francisco has already been defined by the powers that be.  The continued meetings, most neighbors believe, are ‘smoke and mirrors’ and/or ‘a dog and pony show’, and/or ‘the City checking the appropriate notice boxes’, but they really have nothing to do with resident concerns or input.

The PUC development is a great example. There have been many outreach meetings at a huge expense to taxpayers, yet the City will not discuss the proposed height of these towers, even though they have already met with the developers to negotiate the price of the property. How do you set a price when it has not yet been decided how tall the buildings will be? That is the unanswered question residents have been asking, yet we receive no answer.

The 2040 General Plan meetings add another HUGE expense to taxpayers, as an attempt to gain resident input, but the City already knows what they plan to do, which is probably the reason residents feel disrespected when they give up their evenings to attend meetings so they can speak during public comments.

Further, others are frustrated that they are not given the opportunity to have real discussions with those who they elected to represent them. They get their 2 or 3 minutes of Public Comment, depending on the meeting, and they may or maybe not be heard by those on the dais, as officials tend to multitask the enormous amount of files in front of them, discussing issues with others at the same time. Do they even have time to read, study, and understand any of the content, or the resident’s question? If so, why not allow conversations on these subjects with residents, offering a better insight into the changes being made to OUR City?

Residents are being asked to show up at a multitude of meetings, but the renderings below show what the City already has in store for our future, with or without our input. Wear your finger out scrolling through these, but the last ones will wake you up, if you aren’t already.

Can anyone make out the names of the streets that will be most severely impacted?

By building even taller buildings, the proposed eight story PUC is made to look smaller, especially in compared to the unidentified blue buildings that are not included in the legend.

So now decide what types of landscaping you’d prefer, as it seems that might be all that is left to decide.

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